Holiday foot injury much worse than first thought

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Holiday foot injury much worse than first thought

4th February 2010

A holidaymaker who seriously injured her foot the day before flying home has received more than £12,000 in compensation.

The 61-year-old hairdresser had been staying at the Sheraton Village Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with her husband. "The resort restaurant was divided into two areas with a buffet table in each," she said. "The first of these areas was dark and dimly lit, so we always took breakfast in the second area."

Following an incident which led to the closure of the second area, the couple were forced to dine in the more dimly lit half of the restaurant. "On the day of the accident, we went to have breakfast," said the hairdresser. "As I was walking around the circular buffet towards our table, I slipped on some food that had been dropped on the tiled floor. The dining area was so dark that I couldn't even see what I'd slipped on."

Nicola Simpson, a holiday accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented the woman. "As she fell to the floor, her right leg went underneath her, twisting her ankle, leg and neck," she said. "The fall left my client in excruciating pain, trembling and feeling terribly sick."

The woman's husband and some of the waiters helped her back to her seat, before the couple retired to their room. "They were leaving for home the next day and so decided there was no point in seeking the advice of a doctor," said Nicola. "But the next day my client was having problems walking. She was limping and her foot was extremely painful. As there was not time to see a doctor, they headed to the airport."

On returning to the UK, the woman sought the advice of her GP who suggested she had damaged the ligaments in her foot. But when the pain didn't improve and the woman had to leave her job, she was referred for further treatment.

"Following an MRI scan and further X-rays, a specialist advised that my client's pain was caused by a bone in her foot sticking up, riding on top of another bone affecting the tendons in her ankle," said Nicola. "Slipping on a piece of spilled food had led to an injury much more serious than first thought."

Nicola negotiated a settlement of £12,500 in damages on behalf of the client.

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