Holiday claim specialist uses foreign expertise to win fall claim

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Holiday claim specialist uses foreign expertise to win fall claim

11th November 2009

A holiday accident specialist used her understanding of Greek law requirements and team of expert contacts to help secure £6,000 in compensation for a client who fell down a set of hotel steps.

Nicola Simpson, of Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client had been holidaying on the Greek isle of Zante, when she had fallen down steps because collected water had made them dangerously slippery.

"My client was heading down a small flight of just five or six steps, but they were not drained properly and hotel staff had failed to keep the steps clear of water," said Nicola. "There were hanging plants directly above the steps, and it appeared that water may have drained through the plants and onto the steps. My client slipped and fell, suffering a fractured ankle and a number of injuries to her side."

Nicola explained that the standard of evidence needed to demonstrate liability in a case like this differs greatly from country to country, and her knowledge of Greek requirements ensured she was able to prove her client's case.

"From previous cases I have also built up a number of contacts in Greece, and was able to call on these to produce a Greek legal report to help win the case."

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