Head-on collision leaves elderly musician with permanent injury

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Head-on collision leaves elderly musician with permanent injury

4th December 2012

An elderly motorist left with a permanent wrist injury following a head-on collision with another car has received £73,000 in an out of court settlement.

Jonathan Sewell, a serious injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the retired motorist had been left traumatised and unable to pursue his passion as a musician because of the incident which occurred more than three years ago.

“My client, who is a retired engineer in his 70s, had just driven through a junction near his house when a motorist travelling in the opposite direction ran a red light and attempted to turn right, directly across his path,” said Jonathan, a partner with the firm.

“Despite braking hard, my client was unable to avoid the ensuing head-on collision. His right hand was crushed against his steering wheel and the pain was so intense he initially thought he had broken his arm. He was taken by ambulance to hospital with his suspected broken arm in a sling where an MRI scan revealed that he had in fact suffered two broken bones in his wrist.”

Following an operation to insert a screw into his broken wrist, the victim was discharged home into the care of his wife and children. Over the next three months - during which time his forearm and hand remained in plaster and he was unable to complete even the most basic manual tasks such as shaving - he struggled to sleep through his pain each night and had to rely on his family and friends for help.

When his cast was finally removed, his injured wrist remained painful and he was unable to rotate his right forearm without pain. He was fitted with a wrist brace and further scans revealed that not only was he suffering longstanding arthritis in his wrist, but the symptoms had flared up as a result of his injury and surgery.

“More than two years after his accident, my client still needed a wrist brace, and despite having undergone extensive physiotherapy, continued to suffer sleeplessness, anxiety and ongoing pain,” said Jonathan. “Prior to the accident, my client was a talented musician who enjoyed playing a number of instruments. He was also an extremely active individual, who was greatly looking forward to indulging his passions for swimming, gardening and fishing during his retirement.

“But as a result of the ongoing pain he continues to suffer in and around his wrist - which has now spread to the base of his right thumb, restricting his ability to grip - he can no longer enjoy any of these activities, and is unable even to drive for more than a few miles without pain,” said Jonathan. “These injuries have not only caused him significant pain and distress, but they have also robbed him of his retirement plans.”

After liability was admitted, Jonathan settled the case on behalf of his client in October 2012.

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