Grandmother receives damages after car park collision

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Grandmother receives damages after car park collision

30th July 2012

A grandmother who was knocked unconscious by a reversing car whilst out food shopping with her granddaughter has received a substantial sum in an out of court settlement.

Larry Shaw, a road collisions expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said Mrs Pinch, 67, from Essex was pushing her 18-month old grandchild in a pushchair outside their local Tesco Express supermarket when the incident occurred in February last year.

“My client and her grandchild had just left the supermarket and were walking across the car park,” said Larry, a legal executive with the firm. “When Mrs Pinch stopped to bend down and adjust a bag of shopping that she had placed at the bottom of the pushchair, a car suddenly reversed out of a parking bay straight into her left side.

“Mrs Pinch was knocked unconscious after being sent sprawling to the tarmac where she landed heavily on her head,” added Larry. “She doesn’t know exactly how long she was unconscious for but when she came round she was extremely dizzy. Her immediate concern was to check on her grandchild who thankfully, was completely unharmed, despite one of the pushchair’s rear wheels having been damaged by the reversing car.”

Passersby helped Mrs Pinch back into the supermarket and after her husband arrived to collect their grandchild, she was taken by ambulance to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford having sustained a number of cuts and severe bruising to her face.

When Mrs Pinch was examined, she was also found to be suffering with a cranial bleed and was kept in hospital under observation for the next four days before she was discharged.

“Although Mrs Pinch suffered significant bruising around her skull, forehead and chin as well as extensive swelling around her eyes, she was fortunate not to suffer any long-term damage,” said Larry. “She was left shaken by the incident but remains very thankful that her granddaughter emerged completely unscathed.”

After the driver of the vehicle which struck Mrs Pinch was charged with driving without due care and attention, she was fined and had six penalty points added to her licence.

After liability was admitted, Larry settled the claim on behalf of his client in May 2012.

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