Fentons client wins award for brain injury claim

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Fentons client wins award for brain injury claim

11th September 2008

Gibson –v-Langham Lifts Ltd (2002)

Very Mild Brain damage- £150,000 ( split liability case)

Settlement time: just over two years from date of accident.

Captain Gibson was crossing the road when he was hit by the Defendants driver. After some negotiations, liability was agreed on a 75/25 basis in Captain Gibson’s favour due to witness evidence confirming that he should have crossed at a pedestrian crossing a little further down the road , which might have been a safer crossing for him to pursue.

Captain Gibson suffered a head injury and a single grand mal seizure and was put on anti epilepsy drugs which he has now stopped and has not had a further seizure since. He also suffered soft tissue injuries and some slight memory problems initially from which he made a good recovery over time.

The bulk of his claim consisted of lost earnings due to him having to retire 5-10 years earlier that he would have done had it not been for the accident. This was complicated by the fact that Captain Gibson had not worked for a while before the accident happened as a result of moving house. Additionally, it was discovered that Captain Gibson had a heart problem which could in any event have prevented him from working had the accident not occurred.

Rose Gibson, a partner at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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