Fentons client receives £1/2 million award for shattered knee

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Fentons client receives £1/2 million award for shattered knee

6th June 2008

Ross v Scurr & others Central London County Court 2008

Ms Ross was walking her dogs on a park when another dog suddenly ran into her, knocking her from her feet. The dogs owner had allowed the animal out unattended and was not supervising the dog at the time.

She suffered a shattered left knee and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and later developed a Deep Vein Thrombosis. Despite numerous operations the leg failed to heal properly and Ms Ross was left with a permanent disability and will require knee replacement surgery throughout her life.

The accident occurred in 2003.

Ms Ross received compensation which has enabled her to have her home specially adapted to include a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Prior to the accident, Ms Ross had been offered a role working for The Metropolitan Police and was unable to take up this role following the accident.

Ms Ross was able to recover a significant settlement for the injuries and losses she suffered together with lost earnings to take account of the job she would have had, including a loss of pension, care, aids & equipment and the cost of driving an automatic vehicle. Her case settled without the necessity of a court trial for £500,000.

Allison Slingo of Fentons Solicitors acted for the claimant.

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