Fentons client awarded £766,000 after below the knee amputation

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Fentons client awarded £766,000 after below the knee amputation

11th July 2008

Holden-v-Laycast Ltd (2008)

Below Knee amputation- £766,000

Mr Holden was working in a steel foundry, when his toe was crushed by a machine due to the failure of his employers to use guards on the machine. Mr Holden spent a year trying to save his foot and had multiple operations and amputations resulting in a below knee amputation in 2007.

The accident happened in April 2006 and Fentons, with the assistance of a leading barrister settled his case for £766,000. Mr Holden has received compensation, which will enable him to buy a bungalow, which he can then adapt to his needs.

He will now be able to continue his rehabilitation to fit the most advanced prosthesis possible to help him return to his hobby of playing golf with the aim of finding work in a nursery.

This settlement takes into account the fact that Mr Holden was a very independent man, committed to returning to as near normal a life as possible, with minimum input from future carers.

However, the settlement also took into account the risk that he had other problems such as a frozen shoulder and painful ankle, which may have affected his ability to maximise his rehabilitation potential. The settlement was achieved in just over two years post accident.

Rose Gibson, a Partner at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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