Fentons client awarded £70,000 after accident at work

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Fentons client awarded £70,000 after accident at work

2nd April 2009

Mr Robb, who was employed by Albion Water Heaters Limited was attempting to operate a milling machine. When Mr Robb turned this on it did not start as expected. As he was about to re-attempt the start up procedure the machine suddenly started and trapped his hand causing injury.

Mr Robb sustained a Galliazi fracture dislocation of his left wrist. His fracture was operated on and fixed with a six-hole reconstruction plate. The recovery was slow and very painful. He has permanent problems in full extension of the wrist and cannot fully flex the arm which restricts his capacity to carry out manual work with his left arm. His wrist will get worse in the future. He has a reduced capacity for work and he also developed PTSD.

The damages are to take into account the significant loss of earnings suffered, the pain and suffering Mr Robb has had to endure and they also include provision in respect of future difficulties he is likely to have with his work

Martin James, an Associate at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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