Fentons client awarded £45,000 after serious accident at work

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Fentons client awarded £45,000 after serious accident at work

28th October 2008

Drammeh v The Noodlebar 2008

Serious Burns - £45,000

Miss Drammeh, 21, was working as a waitress in the Defendant's restaurant. As part of her duties she was required to carry out some cleaning and restocking in the bar area. The Defendants standard practice was that water from the boiler was to be used for general cleaning. The bowl provided was too big to fit on the drip tray under the boiler and as it was filling with water it toppled over landing on the Claimant. Miss Drammeh suffered extensive burns, largely to her upper body and lower back, covering 11% of her total body surface, resulting in severe scarring to the affected areas. Miss Drammeh also suffered from significant post traumatic stress disorder. Despite the effects of the injuries she has shown great courage in continuing with her studies and purusing her career as she intended before the accident. A settlement of the gross value of £45,000 was negotiated shortly before a final Court Hearing. The damages included the provision of cosmetic camofalgue make up to assist the her in reducing the obvious appearance of the scars.

Martin James, an associate at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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