Fentons client awarded £22,750 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

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Fentons client awarded £22,750 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

18th February 2009

Keith Samuel v Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Appeal Hearing 13/1/09

Mr Samuel was attacked and stabbed in the torso. He sustained two stab wounds in the upper left quadrant of the torso. He required a laparotomy in which some minor bleeding from the spleen and short gastrics was repaired. The omentum was also repaired in theatre and was partially excised. He remained in hospital for 9 days. The long term prognosis is that Mr Samuel will require repeat, but intermittent painkillers for life to control any pain and discomfort. He has been left with residual discomfort when carrying out activities which involve stretching of his abdomen muscles. He was also left with a permanent scar which is visible at conversational distance due to the laparotomy, which runs vertically from the sternum to the navel. He has also been left with two smaller, permanent scars, both approximately 2" - 3" long as a consequence of the stabbing injuries.

The initial award of £4,175.00 was reviewed and an award of £5,165.00 was made. Mr Samuel appealed and at the appeal hearing his damages were assessed at £22,750.00.

Martyn Hughes, a solicitor at Fentons Solicitors LLP, acted for the claimant.

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