Fentons client awarded £105,000 after accident on a portable dance floor

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Fentons client awarded £105,000 after accident on a portable dance floor

27th October 2008

Fentons client, Mrs M aged 58 at t.he date of the accident was injured whilst attending a party at the Defendant's premises in February 2006

Whilst dancing on a portable dance floor, she caught her heel in between 2 panels that had become separated from one another. As a result she fell and landed heavily onto her right hand sustaining a severe fracture injury to her right wrist.

The Claimant was left with a permanent disability in her wrist. There is also a risk that her symptoms may deteriorate further.

The Claimant had planned to work up until the age of 65 and potentially beyond this date. As a result of the injury, she had to give up work altogether and also became dependent on her family members to assist her around the house with many domestic activities.

Mrs M was able to recover damages for her past / future loss of earnings to her planned age of retirement together with damages for her future care requirements.

The case settled without the necessity of a Court Trial in the sum of £105,000.00 just over two and a half years after the accident occurred.

Louise Plant, a solicitor at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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