Fentons client awarded £100,000 for vibration white finger

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Fentons client awarded £100,000 for vibration white finger

25th September 2008

Fentons Solicitors LLP has just won £100,000 for Richard Adams who was employed in the RAF until he started to feel the symptoms of vibration white finger.

He worked as an air frame fitter for 18 years. Throughout his employment he was exposed to persistent and excessive levels of vibration from machinery such as air ratchets, rivet hammers, air drills, frame shavers, pencil grinders, air pistols, air sanders, air saws and riveting reaction dollies/blocks. From 2003 onwards Mr Adams began to notice his fingers going numb and pure white and sought medical treatment. By December 2005 it had affected his grip and his work to the point that he was removed of his duties and discharged from service due to being “invalided below current Air Force medical employment standard.”

He now continues to suffer pins and needles in his arms and a weak grip, which can be chronic in cold temperatures.

His solicitor, Mark Page of Fentons Solicitors LLP, was quoted saying “you might not think that the symptoms sound as debilitating as they are. In Mr Adam’s case, he was forced to retire on ill health. Luckily we could prove that it was his intention to remain an employee of the RAF until May 2011 and then he would have found well-paid employment in the civilian sector as an aircraft repair specialist. Of the £100,000 compensation, the greater part of it was for the loss of his job and future earnings”.

Mark Page, an Associate at Fentons Solicitors LLP, acted for the claimant.

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