Fentons assist client after poor work equipment causes injury

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Fentons assist client after poor work equipment causes injury

16th April 2008

Mr Moore was working in road maintenance when he lifted a kerbstone with a pair of hand held tongs supplied by his employers. The lifting equipment caused him injury to the long thoracic nerve in the right shoulder girdle, which resulted in dysfunction of the right shoulder and winging of the scapula.

Mr Moore was expected to have continued problems with shoulder movement.

Fentons assisted Mr Moore in achieving a settlement of £110,000. At the time of settlement Mr Moore was earning more than he was prior to the accident, however the settlement included an award for future loss of earnings on the basis of the difficulties he might experience in finding employment in the future due to his disability arising from the accident. The settlement also included an award for the care in the future Mr Moore would require from his family for activities of daily living.

Emily Kane, a solicitor at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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