Faulty bike left man with severe facial injuries

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Faulty bike left man with severe facial injuries

13th January 2012

A Middlesex man who suffered severe facial injuries when the front end of the bike he was riding collapsed beneath him, has been awarded £57,500 in an out of court settlement.

The man had been cycling with his girlfriend when the front wheel and suspension of his bike simply collapsed beneath him, sending him flying over the handlebars and leaving him sprawled on the tarmac.

Bharat Vekria, an associate with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: “My client landed on his face and suffered massive damage to his mouth, including severe dental and soft tissue trauma, the partial loss of four upper teeth and the total loss of three lower teeth.”

The 30-year-old painter and decorator was taken to hospital by ambulance, bleeding profusely and in a great deal of pain, before he was transferred to a specialist facial injury unit at a different hospital.

“The following day he underwent an operation to remove his broken teeth as well as tooth fragments which had become embedded in his upper jaw,” said Bharat. “He remained in hospital for another three days before being sent home into the care of his girlfriend.

“As my client was off work for six weeks, he lost out on a lucrative contract he was due to start the following week,” said Bharat. “He struggled with eating, drinking and speaking and experienced considerable pain and swelling for the first three weeks following the incident.

“He has been left with permanent scarring around his nose and mouth which will require plastic surgery, and he has had to undergo prolonged dental treatment as a result of his injuries,” added Bharat. “This has included bone and tissue grafting as well as extensive and extremely painful root canal and implant treatment during which time he has had to wear dentures.

“The bike he was riding had been a gift from his girlfriend, one that he had only ridden on two prior occasions,” continued Bharat. “Our investigation clearly outlined the fact that the retailer in question had failed to correctly assemble the bike prior to its sale. My client hadn’t tampered with the bike in any way and he was only cycling at around 5mph on a road that was free of potholes. He certainly didn’t expect a brand new bike to simply collapse beneath him and he was very fortunate not to have suffered more serious injuries.”

After the sports retailer who assembled the bike admitted liability, Bharat Vekria settled the claim on behalf of his client for £57,500 in November 2011.

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