Family of asbestos victim receive damages

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Family of asbestos victim receive damages

6th March 2012

The family of a man who died of an asbestos-related lung cancer as a result of work he did more than 50 years ago has received £53,500 in an out of court settlement.

Edmund Young, an industrial disease expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the father-of-one - who was in his 80s when he died last year - was diagnosed with asbestosis after being admitted to hospital following a chest infection in July 2010.

“From the 1950s until the early 1980s my client worked as a maintenance worker and boiler operator for a power station in Kent,” said Edmund, an associate with the firm. “The pipes at the power station were lagged with asbestos and part of his job involved clearing away any discarded lagging that had been chipped off the pipes and left on the floor.

“The men lagging the pipes used to mix asbestos in large drums just feet away from my client and the plumes of asbestos dust they created would cover his clothes, hands, face and shoes,” added Edmund. “There was never any ventilation system in place and although he was given goggles, he was never supplied with any kind of respiratory equipment nor told of the risks his daily asbestos exposure would pose to his health.”

Following the man’s diagnosis, his condition began to deteriorate rapidly. He suffered from increasing breathlessness and his mobility was affected to the point where he struggled even to get in and out of bed each day and required assistance from his family getting dressed.

“It can take many years for any asbestos related symptoms to become apparent,” said Edmund. “My client worked diligently throughout his life but instead of enjoying the life of retirement he deserved he developed this most awful of illnesses through no fault of his own.

“Owing to the speed in which his condition deteriorated he wasn’t able to bring a claim against his former employers while he was alive,” added Edmund. “It was only after he was gone that his family decided to pursue a claim and it is hoped the settlement they have now received will help in some way to ease his loss.”

After liability was admitted, Edmund settled the claim on behalf of the man’s family in February 2012.

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