Family in compensation victory after death of student son

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Family in compensation victory after death of student son

2nd October 2012

The parents of a foreign student who was killed when he was knocked down in the UK have received more than £300,000 in compensation following a lengthy legally fight.

Stephen Warren, a serious and fatal injuries specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, has represented the family since the tragic death of their son, and explained that the unusual case hinged on the principle of ‘filial piety’.

“This was a very complex case, involving the death of a young man who was widely recognised as a very promising young student,” said Stephen. “We sought to prove that not only did the incident rob the young man’s parents of their son, but also affected their own future financial security.”

Stephen explained that the family’s culture held firm to the principle of filial piety, whereby children supported their families once they embarked on a career. “This is a tradition that has been honoured for generations,” he said, “therefore the primary issues we sought to address were the existence of filial piety and the estimated future earnings of the couple’s son.”

Stephen said that as part of the case he contacted many groups and leaders within the ethnic community, and was able to demonstrate the existence and legitimacy of the tradition.

“We then had to show that the young man’s stellar academic record would have been translated into a significant career,” he said. “Calculating future earnings was very difficult as there was no previous work history, but we were able to secure sufficient evidence - including testimonials from work placement employers - that proved the prospects of the student were nothing short of outstanding.”

Stephen explained that the concept of filial piety is one that many cultures hold to throughout the world. “It is not simply a case of thinking about ‘what might have been’,” he said. “For generations, it has been understood within these cultures that when you have children you make sacrifices for them, and when the child has finished their education and goes to work, the child helps to support their parents wherever possible.

Following lengthy negotiations, Stephen settled the claim on behalf of the parents in the amount of £340,000.

“This has been a lengthy battle for the parents of this young man,” he said. “No amount of compensation can ever make up for the loss of their child, but hopefully this settlement will enable them to continue to move on with their lives without the additional worry over their financial security.”

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