Engineer receives damages after work accident ends career

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Engineer receives damages after work accident ends career

14th May 2012

A young engineer whose career was ended after an accident at work has received £146,500 in an out of court settlement.

The man, who is in his twenties, had been working as an air conditioning fitter and maintenance engineer when he fell several feet from a ladder and sustained permanent injuries to his foot.

“My client had been installing ductwork at the time,” said Mark Page, an expert in workplace accident injuries with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “In order to access some cabling in the ceiling, his employer had provided him with a set of aluminium stepladders which were folded and leant against the wall. But these were unsuitable for the job, and as my client climbed down the ladder he fell and landed awkwardly.”

The young engineer was taken to hospital and required surgery which involved the insertion of metal pins into his fractured foot. He spent a number of weeks in plaster before undergoing extensive physiotherapy treatment. “It is now more than four years since the incident, but my client still struggles to move around freely,” said Mark, an associate with the firm. “He can walk only short distances before he starts to suffer pain in the heel of his injured foot, and it is painful for him to walk on uneven ground.

“He struggles with carrying heavier weights as this triggers pain in his heel and affects his balance,” said Mark. “Since the accident, he has avoided ladders as he worries about his lack of balance and is afraid of falling again. He still suffers pain in the ankle and he walks with a noticeable limp.”

Because of the lengthy absence from work following his injury, Mark said his client had lost his job and the prognosis meant that he would be unlikely to be able to return to the career for which he had trained.

“The case was further complicated by the defendant arguing that my client had a pre-existing injury which would have itself limited his time in his chosen career,” said Mark. “But we were able to secure an expert witness who clarified that my client would have been able to continue his work were it not for the injury sustained in this accident. We subsequently negotiated a final settlement of £146,500.”

Following the settlement, Mark said his client intended to retrain and embark on a new career. “Although his injury has cost this young man the job he enjoyed and was trained for,” he said, “he can now look to the future safe in the knowledge that he has the financial security to consider his options carefully and move on with his life.”

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