Pedestrian struck by taxi receives £500,000

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Pedestrian struck by taxi receives £500,000

24th August 2011

A Southampton man, who suffered a head injury and needed a total hip and ankle replacement after being struck by a taxi, has received £500,000 in damages.

Matthew Claxson, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP said: “My client was returning home around 10:30pm from an evening out with his family. He was walking down an unlit side road when he was struck from behind by a passing taxi.

“After hearing a loud bang, the driver who struck my client noticed his wing mirror had gone,” said Matthew, a partner with the firm. “He stopped the car, ran up the street and discovered my client lying unconscious in the road being attended to by a passer-by.”

After the emergency services were called, the man, in his 70’s, was taken by ambulance to Southampton General Hospital with an injury to his head, fractures to his right ankle, left leg and left hip as well as damage to his right elbow and shoulder.

“My client cannot remember anything between leaving his local pub and waking up in hospital,” said Matthew. “He remained as an in-patient for two weeks before he was sent home with crutches, unable to bear any significant weight on his injured leg.

“My client was very fortunate not to have been more seriously injured,” said Matthew. “All he was doing was returning home after a night out. The taxi hit him with enough force to partially shatter its windscreen and leave the wing-mirror hanging by its wires.

“Since being discharged, my client has had numerous operations,” added Matthew. “Although he is lucky to be surrounded by his family, he still requires round-the-clock supervision and assistance. He continues to suffer ongoing difficulties with his injured right ankle and he uses a crutch to steady himself. He finds walking down stairs a particular challenge and he is unable to walk on uneven ground.

“My client has had to purchase various mobility aids including a mobility scooter, a wheelchair and a walking frame to assist him,” continued Matthew. “He has also had to make the appropriate adaptations to his house as a result. My client’s life has been dramatically altered from the way it was before the incident and it is hoped the settlement he has now received will help him adjust to the changes he has had to make.”

Matthew negotiated an out of court settlement of £500,000 on behalf of his client in July 2011.

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