Elderly cyclist receives damages after being struck by car

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Elderly cyclist receives damages after being struck by car

24th October 2011

An elderly cyclist who was struck by a car and knocked off his bike on a roundabout near his home has received £17,000 in damages in an out of court settlement.

Nick Sayer, a road traffic collisions expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client, a 67 year-old pensioner from Essex, was cycling around the roundabout when he was knocked off his bike.

”The first thing my client remembers after being knocked off his bike is being strapped onto a board by a paramedic in the ambulance en route to Basildon Hospital,” said Nick, a solicitor with the firm.

The married father-of-two, whose head had struck the windscreen of the defendant’s car, suffered a fractured hip as well as considerable bruising to his head and face. After scans were carried out on his head and right knee but not his right hip, he was discharged and sent home unable to put any significant weight on his right side.

When he visited his GP a week later due to the pain in his right hip, he was immediately put in an ambulance and taken back to hospital. This time an x-ray of his hip was performed which confirmed he had a fracture. It was decided surgery might be avoided and the client was sent home to recover.

“For the first six weeks following his accident my client was on crutches and required assistance from his wife with getting in and out of bed and using the stairs,” said Nick. “As well as being in considerable pain, he was unable to sleep comfortably, stand or walk for any distance unaided.

“Before his accident my client was a very fit and active man,” said Nick. “Due to the fantastic shape he was in he made a remarkable recovery over the next seven months and even surprised his doctor who said there were usually a number of complications associated with hip injuries with victims his age. From being unable to crouch, kneel, run or sit for any length of time, my client is now thankfully back in the saddle and moving on with his life.”

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