Early legal advice crucial for family following fatal motorbike collision

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Early legal advice crucial for family following fatal motorbike collision

25th April 2012

Seeking legal advice shortly after losing a loving husband and father in a fatal road collision prevented a young family from being at risk of losing their home.

Specialist serious and fatal injury lawyer Sukwinder Ark said she was contacted within days of the fatal collision in which a man in his 40s had been killed, leaving behind a wife and three children.

“The victim had been riding his motorbike when a car pulled out into his path,” said Sukwinder. “He tragically died from his injuries.”

A police Family Liaison Officer recommended to the man’s widow that she seek legal advice immediately, and Sukwinder was contacted by a family member less than a week after the incident.

“The victim was the main breadwinner in the home, and his wife worked only part-time,” explained Sukwinder, an associate with the firm. “Unfortunately he had no life insurance, so there was a very real risk that the mortgage payments and other bills would not be paid.”

After meeting with the victim’s family, Sukwinder immediately contacted the insurers of the driver of the car involved in the collision, and secured an interim payment of £10,000 to help pay the mortgage, bills and funeral expenses. “Although my client would have been entitled to some state benefits following the tragedy, the application and approval process would have taken a long time and would still not have fully covered the outgoings,” said Sukwinder. “She received the first interim payment less than a month after losing her husband. Without it, there was a very real risk that the mortgage could not have been paid, and so it was vital we secured it as early as we did.”                     

Sukwinder pursued a claim for loss of earnings and dependency on behalf of her client and her three children against the insurers, who gave an early and full admission of liability.

“We secured a total of £100,000 in interim payments over the course of the case, which helped my client meet the costs associated with providing everything for her children during the months that followed this tragic incident,” said Sukwinder. “Following negotiations with the insurer, a final settlement of £430,000 was agreed, less those interim payments, in order to assist her in providing for her children in the coming years.

“No amount of compensation can ever make up for a family’s loss of a loved and loving husband and father, but this settlement does mean that my client and her children can at least attempt to rebuild their lives without the fear of how they will manage financially,” she said. “Without seeking early professional advice, the family could have also been faced with the threat of losing their home.”

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