Driver awarded damages after whiplash injury

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Driver awarded damages after whiplash injury

20th January 2011

A young mother-of-two whose career was ended after she suffered whiplash injuries has been awarded nearly £300,000 in compensation.

The 39-year-old former Management Accountant was sat in traffic at a roundabout when she was struck from behind and shunted into the stationary car in front.

Vijay Mehan, a road traffic accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: "My client was hit from behind by a car travelling at between 30 and 40mph. Despite wearing her seatbelt she was thrown forwards, severely jolting her arms, shoulders, neck and back."

After the car in front inexplicably drove off, the woman exchanged contact details with the driver who had crashed into her before continuing her journey to work. But later that afternoon she began experiencing feelings of severe stiffness in her neck and shoulders, and when she visited her GP the client was diagnosed with whiplash.

"Four days later, my client was experiencing considerable pain in both her shoulders, as well as constant pain in her right arm," said Vijay, an associate with the firm. "Over the subsequent weeks and months, her suffering was compounded by a continuous ache in her lower back and shooting pains running the length of both legs."

Due to the injuries she sustained the claimant was forced to reduce her working hours and take intermittent time off work. This finally led to her leaving her job and being unable to work for a significant amount of time.

"The continuous pain she experiences in her lower back together with the radiating pain down both legs has affected her movement, causing her walking to become increasingly stiff," said Vijay. "She is unable to rotate her neck fully in either direction, she struggles to use a keyboard for more than 20 minutes and she finds it difficult to drive for prolonged periods of time. After obtaining expert medical evidence she was eventually diagnosed with suffering from Chronic Pain Syndrome.

"My client's ongoing disability has significantly disadvantaged her on the open labour market," said Vijay. "As she can only realistically work part-time and has trouble travelling even short distances, finding a suitable job to accommodate these factors will not only be a huge problem but will also have a significant impact upon her future earnings."

As the mother of two young children, the claimant also finds it difficult to care for her family. "Unable to bend, twist, run or lift heavy items she even struggles to hold a plastic plate whilst feeding her youngest child," said Vijay. "The pain and discomfort she suffers on a daily basis has affected her sleep to the point where she can now only sleep on her back.

"Prior to her accident, my client was fit, healthy and extremely active," said Vijay. "The almost constant pain she has learned to live with has profoundly affected her everyday life with her confidence, memory and concentration levels all suffering as a result. The damages she has received will hopefully help alleviate the considerable strain this has put on her ability to care and provide for her family."

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