Dockworker’s widow wins husband’s fight for justice

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Dockworker’s widow wins husband’s fight for justice

15th March 2010

A widow who continued her husband's fight for justice following his death has been awarded more than Ł100,000 in compensation.

The woman's husband died in the summer of 2008, aged 68. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer, which he believed was caused by being exposed to asbestos when he was working in the dockyards in Chatham, Kent, for the Ministry of Defence.

Dominic Graham, industrial disease specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented the couple. "This was quite an unusual case," said Dominic, an Associate with the firm. "My client did not have asbestosis, which meant it was difficult to prove the lung cancer he was suffering from was asbestos-related.

"The defendants initially admitted negligently exposing my client to asbestos, and we were able to obtain an early interim payment of Ł50,000," said Dominic. "Sadly, my client died just a week after the payment was made."

His widow then carried on the case to win justice for her husband, and Dominic issued proceedings in the high court. "We eventually managed to agree a settlement less than two weeks before the final trial was set to begin," he said.

"The widow received just under Ł115,000 in total, which included a 15% deduction due to her husband's smoking history.

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