Delivery man crushed by fork-lift truck receives damages

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Delivery man crushed by fork-lift truck receives damages

24th September 2012

A West Sussex man who was crushed by a fork-lift truck in an accident at work has received £50,000 in an out of court settlement.

Larry Shaw, a workplace accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the delivery man, who is in his 60s, was helping a colleague move some packs of timber when the incident occurred last year.

“On the day of the accident, my client’s colleague was driving a fork-lift truck,” said Larry, a legal executive at the firm. “When one of the load bearers became loose, my client asked his colleague to reverse so he could access and replace the faulty part. But when the driver attempted to reverse, he accidentally accelerated forwards into my client and crushed him against a stack of timber.”

The victim was taken by ambulance to hospital, suffering from two fractures to his pelvis, internal bleeding and significant damage to his bladder and urethra. It was four weeks before he could be discharged into the care of his family, who he then relied upon to assist with getting around the house and preparing his meals.

“As a result of his injuries, my client was unable to work for the final three months leading up to his retirement date,” said Larry, “and he was also unable to take up a post-retirement driving role he had been offered. Over the next several months, he was in and out of hospital on a number of occasions and despite undergoing surgery in an effort to repair the damage to his injuries, he has unfortunately been left with lasting damage.

“My client currently struggles to get in and out of vehicles and his hips remain both stiff and sore,” added Larry. “He is unable to bend down without pain and he cannot sit or stand for prolonged periods of time or walk without difficulty for any kind of distance.

“My client remains keen to return to some form of delivery work and although his injuries prevent him from carrying out any kind of heavy lifting or undertaking journeys of more than about an hour, he has now been offered a part-time delivery role involving much shorter journey times and no heavy loads.”

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