Daughter receives compensation after mum killed by drunk driver

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Daughter receives compensation after mum killed by drunk driver

21st August 2012

The daughter of a woman who was knocked over and killed by a drunk driver has received more than £280,000 in an out of court settlement.

Martin James, who specialises in cases involving fatal road collisions, said that although the young victim had been working at the time of the tragic incident, she had in fact planned on training as a nurse and so her potential earnings would have been greater in years to come.

“The victim, who was in her early 20s, was travelling as a passenger in a car when another vehicle collided with them head-on,” said Martin. “She died from her injuries.”

The driver of the other car also died in the incident, and was later found to have been drinking.

Martin said that although the young woman had been working part-time and earning a relatively low wage at the time of her death, he was able to demonstrate that her intended career in nursing would have provided a higher income for her and her daughter.

“It is never very easy to argue that people who have been killed were going to change careers and earn more,” said Martin, a partner with Fentons. “Some cynics can even view that position as ‘convenient’. However, we managed to speak to a number of the victim’s close friends, colleagues and even her most recent teachers, gathering sufficient evidence to demonstrate that this planned career change was in fact a long-standing and entirely achievable goal.”

Martin said the strength of this evidence led the defendant solicitors to agree that in all likelihood the woman would have pursued a career in nursing.

“This meant that when it came to negotiating a settlement on behalf of my client, we were able to argue that as the years went by, the young victim would have been earning significantly more than she was at the time of her death,” he said. “The defendants broadly agreed, and so we successfully negotiated a settlement which included a significant proportion for financial dependency until the time my client is 21 years old.”

Following the negotiations, Martin settled the claim on behalf of the young victim’s daughter for £283,850.

“This was a particularly tragic case,” he added. “Not only was the victim robbed of the future she was working towards, but a young girl also lost her mother at a very young age. It is only small consolation, and no amount of money can ever replace the loss of a mother at such a young age, but at the very least this settlement means that she is financially secure throughout her childhood years.”

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