Damages win for man whose airline food left a bad taste in his mouth

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Damages win for man whose airline food left a bad taste in his mouth

12th August 2009

An airline passenger who damaged two teeth when he was eating a salad has successfully won his claim for damages.

The businessman, in his mid-50s, was a frequent traveller and spent several months of the year out of the country. On a flight from Manchester to Dubai, he was served a Salmon salad which contained a nasty surprise.

"As he bit into the salad, he felt a crunch followed by a sharp pain in his mouth," said Nicola Simpson, a holiday claims specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "As he reached into his mouth, he discovered a large chunk of walnut shell was concealed within the salad. The shell - not an ingredient in the salad - had broken two of his teeth."

The client underwent emergency dental treatment upon landing, and sought legal advice upon his return to the UK.

"Under UK law, airlines are strictly liable for injury sustained by a passenger if the accident which caused it took place on board their aircraft," said Nicola. "In this case, we were able to secure compensation of more than £1,600 for the client."

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