Damages win after slip at work

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Damages win after slip at work

12th September 2011

A Middlesex man, who severely injured his wrist when he slipped at work, has received £40,000 in an out of court settlement.

Richard Duxbury, an employers’ liability expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the textile factory worker had slipped on fluid that had leaked from a printing machine.

“My client fell backwards and landed awkwardly on his right wrist,” said Richard, a legal executive at the firm. “He sustained a very severe fracture as well as soft-tissue injuries to his neck, back and shoulders.”

The victim, in his 60’s, was taken by ambulance to hospital where he underwent surgery which involved the insertion of metal plates, and screws into his damaged wrist to stabilise the bones. He then received a further operation two months later to have the metalwork removed from his wrist.

“Despite receiving physiotherapy following the operations on his injured wrist, my client continued to experience ongoing difficulties, including stiffness, pain and weakness,” said Richard. “He was unable to return to work for four months following the incident, during which time he was heavily reliant on his wife for his day-to-day care.

“My client has significant wasting of the muscle tissue in his forearm as well as extensive scarring around his wrist which now appears deformed,” added Richard. “He has been told his wrist is unlikely to improve and may indeed get worse due to degenerative osteoarthritis. His symptoms will continue indefinitely into the future and he will almost certainly require further surgery in time. My client has been left at a permanent disadvantage on the open labour market and it is hoped the settlement he has now received will help broaden his options.

Liability was admitted in full and Richard settled the claim on behalf of his client in July 2011.

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