Damages win after scaffolding fall

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Damages win after scaffolding fall

30th June 2011

A 48 year-old man who suffered severe head injuries when he fell through a scaffolding platform, has received more than £130,000 in compensation.

Katie Pendower, a serious injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client was working as an electrician on the construction of a new cinema complex when the accident occurred.

“My client was working at a height of around 12 feet, to remove a smoke detector from a cracked ceiling-tile that needed replacing,” said Katie, a partner with the firm. “The platform - which was supported by scaffolding poles - was ‘wall-to-wall,’ meaning it was only accessible by ladder from below, and impossible to fall off the sides. But the wooden boards which had been laid on the platform had not been screwed down securely.”

“Although he is uncertain exactly how he fell through the platform as there were no witnesses, my client remembers falling as he approached the smoke detector,” continued Katie. “He believes that one of the wooden boards on the platform had been removed on the previous day, leaving exposed planks which ‘tipped up’ after bearing his weight.”

The man suffered an acute subdural haematoma and was taken by ambulance to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where he remained for seven days before he was discharged.

“My client has since found alternative employment but as a result of his accident he has been left suffering with a number of brain injury symptoms,” said Katie. “These include problems with his memory and concentration, a lack of enthusiasm and drive, irritability and severe fatigue.

“Through no fault of his own, but simply because his former employers failed in their duty to ensure his safety, my client’s head injury has had a significant impact on his life,” added Katie. “He has now been left at risk of developing epilepsy which could obviously affect his ability to work in his chosen profession and it is hoped that the damages he has received will help him adapt to the challenges he will face as he looks to move on with his life."

In April 2011, Katie settled the claim on behalf of her client for the gross amount of £132,500.

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