Damages victory for man injured in scooter collision

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Damages victory for man injured in scooter collision

8th November 2011

A Haringey man who severely injured his back after a car knocked him off his scooter has received £30,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Tristan Alder, a specialist road accidents lawyer said: “My client was on his way to work and was approaching a junction near to where he lives when a car which had just pulled out of an adjacent side street struck him on his right hand side.

“He was thrown from his scooter and landed flat on his back,” added Tristan, a solicitor with the firm. “He immediately felt extreme pain around his left lower back which he believes took the full force of his weight as there was no significant damage to the back of his helmet.

“My client lay on the ground for some time before he was able to get up,” continued Tristan. “Initially, he didn’t believe his injuries were so serious, believing instead that he had simply jarred his coccyx. After he was interviewed by police, he decided against going to accident and emergency and was collected by his wife and taken home.”

After spending four days lying down at home in severe and continuous pain, the claimant was able to return to his job as an estate agent. Over the next few months he received physiotherapy and the severity of his ongoing pain appeared to improve. When he suddenly began to experience a spate of lower back pain attacks his GP referred him for an x-ray which confirmed disc and soft tissue damage to and around his spine.

“My client continues to have ongoing back problems which will hopefully resolve with further treatment,” said Tristan. “Approximately every three months, he gets an episode of acute pain that can last for a week and is often so severe that he has to spend the next five or six days at home recovering and alleviating his pain with anti-inflammatory medication.

“Before his accident, my client was a keen sportsman who swam and played rugby, badminton and cricket every month,” added Tristan. “He now struggles to do DIY and tend to his garden and he has to stop and stretch his back every fifteen minutes if he is out walking for any length of time.

“My client was made redundant from his job as an estate agent,” concluded Tristan. “He has since retrained and is now working as a self-employed driving instructor; a job which he says does not put any unnecessary strain on his back. I am pleased that after more than three years he has finally received the settlement he deserves and I wish him all the best in his new career.”

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