Damages victory for London hit and run victim

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Damages victory for London hit and run victim

8th April 2015

A hit and run victim who suffered multiple fractures when she was run down by a speeding car as she crossed a road near her home has received £313,000 in an out of court settlement.

Susan Bennett, a specialist serious injuries lawyer at Fentons Solicitors, part of Slater & Gordon, said the East London woman had to give up her family business and use crutches for more than 12 months following the incident more than three years ago.

“My client was crossing a road on her way home when a car travelling at speed ploughed into her left side,” said Susan. “Although she suffered post-traumatic amnesia and has a very limited recollection of the subsequent weeks she spent in a hospital trauma ward, she can dimly recall being taken to hospital by ambulance in significant pain.”

Having suffered a mild brain injury as well as a broken left leg, elbow and hand, the mother-of-two, who is in her 50s, remained in hospital for the next six weeks. During this time she underwent surgery to have metalwork attached to her injured leg and elbow. Following her discharge from hospital, she spent the next three months bed-bound and heavily reliant on her district nurses and family for help with all her daily needs.

“In the months following her accident, my client struggled with constant pain, leg infections, nightmares, fatigue and depression,” said Susan. “Although she found the three months she had to spend confined to her bed incredibly traumatic she received extensive physiotherapy which helped her eventually progress from using a four-legged walking frame to crutches. She remained unable to walk without crutches for a further 11 months.”

Since the accident, the claimant believes her memory, concentration and ability to deal with day-to-day problems have suffered. She has lost her self-confidence and she suffers frequent severe anxiety when outside and particularly when crossing roads or if she happens to hear emergency vehicle sirens.

“My client has been left with considerable scarring, lower back pain and weakness in her left arm and leg,” said Susan. “Furthermore, her elbow continues to hurt and she can no longer stand, walk for long distances or sit for long periods of time without her left knee beginning to ache.

“She remains heavily dependent upon her husband and other members of her family,” she added. “Whereas before she led a very independent life her personality has reportedly changed since the accident and she is now markedly more cautious and anxious about doing any of the things she previously took for granted, unaccompanied.”

The defendant driver was convicted of dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident and was given a custodial sentence.

After liability was admitted, Susan settled the claim on behalf of her client for £313,000 in August 2013.

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