Damages victory after dentist failed to treat properly

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Damages victory after dentist failed to treat properly

25th May 2013

A man who endured months of excruciating pain after his dentist failed to properly treat his teeth – sometimes even performing procedures without using anaesthetic - has received £18,500 in an out of court settlement.

Despite making several trips to his local NHS dentist over a four-month period, the London man in his 40s found he was constantly in terrible pain, discomfort and unable to chew properly.

Daniel Lee, head of the specialist Medical Negligence department at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said when his client first contacted him to voice concerns over the treatment he was receiving he was still in considerable pain.

“Anyone who has suffered from prolonged toothache knows just how distressing and uncomfortable it can be,” said Daniel, a partner at the firm. “We immediately instructed a private dentist and orthodontist to examine our client and his records, and were shocked by the results.

“We discovered that the dentist had provided inadequate and wholly substandard care in respect of six of my client’s teeth,” he said. “He had fitted unsatisfactory crowns on a number of the man’s lower, anterior teeth, which whilst serious in its own right was compounded when further investigation then showed the substandard crowns should not have been fitted in any event. It transpired that our client had earlier undergone a programme of root canal treatment, but this had not been properly completed and so the teeth were in fact still symptomatic and causing a great deal of pain and discomfort.”

Daniel said the dentist had also failed to indentify cavities in some teeth, and had performed treatments without any anaesthetic.

“Our client placed his faith and trust in the dentist, and expected an appropriate level of care and service,” said Daniel. “Instead, he was left unable to chew and- despite consistently taking pain medication – found himself in constant pain.”

Following negotiations, Daniel successfully recovered £18,500 on behalf of his client, in respect of the cost of private dental treatment to repair the damage done and to compensate him for the pain he suffered throughout his ordeal.

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