Damages victory after “defective” turf caused footballer’s injury

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Damages victory after “defective” turf caused footballer’s injury

6th January 2011

A man who broke his leg while playing football on a defective indoor pitch has received £18,000 in an out of court settlement.

The man suffered multiple fractures to his lower leg when the studs of his moulded football boots became stuck in the raised and defective playing surface.

Tulser Goodwin, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said that the incident happened during the normal run of play. "The football had bounced off the wall and was rolling along the pitch," said Tulser, an associate with the firm. "As my client went to kick the ball with the inside of his right foot, the studs on the underside of his boot became caught in the raised and defective turf.

"His foot was immediately and completely locked into the turf," he said. "Although the upper part of his leg followed through to a certain extent, the lower part did not, resulting in his injuries."

The client suffered fractures to his lower right leg and significant pain to his knee. "The owners of the indoor pitch facility disputed liability throughout, alleging that it was my client's own fault," said Tulser. "However we issued court proceedings and a settlement was eventually reached in the sum of £18,000.00."

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