Damages for scaffolder left with permanent injury after fall

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Damages for scaffolder left with permanent injury after fall

10th December 2015

A scaffolder who suffered permanent injuries to his elbow and wrist when he fell from an unsecured ladder at work has received £150,000 in an out of court settlement.

John Foley, a workplace accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the Berkshire man, who is in his 40s, was in the process of descending scaffolding at a building site in West London where a block of flats was being refurbished when the incident occurred last year.

“Access to the ground from the first floor level of scaffolding where my client was working was via a 13-foot metal ladder,” said John, a solicitor with the firm. “But unbeknownst to him one ladder had not been properly secured to the scaffolding by the firm he was contracting for, and when he placed his foot on the top rung to climb down the ladder slipped. He fell more than two metres to the ground.”

Landing on his outstretched hands, the man was immediately in severe pain. A colleague drove him to hospital, where x-rays revealed he had broken both his left wrist and right elbow. “The following day he underwent an operation to have an external metal frame fitted with pins to his broken left wrist,” said John. “After remaining in hospital for three days, he was discharged with his elbow in a sling.”

Following his discharge, the married father-of-three was cared for at home by his wife. But three weeks after he left hospital, his wounds became infected around the pin sites. “After the pins were replaced and he completed a course of antibiotics, the external frame around his forearm was finally removed,” said John. “His arm was placed in a cast and he began receiving physiotherapy.

“But despite several months of physiotherapy treatment, my client has not been able to return to work. He continues to suffer significant pain and stiffness in both his wrist and arm and he remains unable to fully flex, extend or rotate either his left wrist or his right elbow without considerable discomfort,” said John.

“My client has been told that the pain in his left wrist is likely to worsen over time and will remain permanent unless he opts for further surgery which will leave him with a permanent stiff wrist joint but no pain,” added John. “In addition, he has been left with a permanent restriction of his right elbow. It is extremely unlikely that he will ever be able to return to scaffolding or indeed any kind of manual labouring job involving heavy lifting.”

After liability was admitted by the defendant’s insurer, John settled the claim on behalf of his client for £150,000 in December 2013.

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