Damages for pensioner after coach trip fall shatters hip

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Damages for pensioner after coach trip fall shatters hip

11th June 2013

A pensioner who shattered her hip during a coach trip to Blackpool has received £150,000 in an out of court settlement.

The woman, who is in her 70s, was part of a group travelling on a seaside break when the incident occurred nearly three years ago. Kieran Mitchell, a personal injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the West Yorkshire woman had been left seriously injured after she was knocked to the floor by a revolving door.

“The coach party had stopped at a shopping centre as a scheduled part of their trip,” said Kieran, “but as this lady was using a set of revolving doors at the entrance, they spun with such force that she was struck from behind and fell heavily to the floor.”

The elderly woman was unable to stand and was in so much pain that she was rushed to hospital by ambulance. “My client suffered a shattered hip and a badly bruised shoulder and wrist and was in hospital for more than six weeks,” said Kieran. “Following an operation to fix her broken bones her left leg became extremely swollen and a painful blister formed above her ankle.”

Kieran said this then developed into a large ulcer, and when she was sent home from hospital in a wheelchair both of her legs were heavily bandaged and she needed her dressings changed several times a week.

In the months following her return home, the claimant was effectively housebound and had to rely heavily on her family who helped her with all her day-to-day care. Initially she could only move around in her wheelchair, but after a few months she was able to bear some weight on her injured leg and walk for short distances with the aid of a zimmer frame.

“Although the bones in my client’s hip have healed relatively well, one leg is now slightly shorter then the other and she may need a total hip replacement in the future,” said Kieran. “Her ability to get around is now extremely limited and she continues to suffer from pain and discomfort, especially after standing or walking for more than a few minutes.

“Unfortunately my client has been told her ulcers are unlikely to improve and due to her heavily bandaged lower legs, she is unable to wear normal shoes and can only use her zimmer frame to walk for short distances,” he added. “The hip injury and resulting ulcer she suffered through no fault of her own have significantly affected her quality of life. Having previously lived a very active life when she used to enjoy exercising and going out on day trips with her grand-daughter, she is now sadly, largely confined to her home.”

Kieran settled the case in April 2013 for £150,000, which included £37,000 he had already secured in interim payments to allow for modifications to his client’s home to enable her to live as independently as possible.

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