Damages for Kent man with permanent shoulder injury

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Damages for Kent man with permanent shoulder injury

1st February 2012

A Kent man, who had his building career ended after permanently injuring his shoulder in an accident at work, has received £14,500 in an out of court settlement.

Nick Greaves, a workplace accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client was working as a contract labourer helping to refurbish the outside of a house when the incident occurred.

“My client was given a step ladder so he could access the side of the house he was refurbishing,” said Nick, a solicitor with the firm. “His supervisor had told him to put a plastic sheet on the ground beneath the ladder as there were some paving stones that needed protecting. But as he was climbing the ladder it slipped on the plastic sheet and he fell off – landing painfully on his right knee and then falling awkwardly onto each arm.”

The man in his 30s was taken by ambulance to hospital and treated for soft tissue injuries to his right knee and left shoulder. After he was sent home that same afternoon, he went to work the following day but was unable to do his job. He subsequently remained unemployed for the next three months while his injuries healed.

“My client is left-handed so for the first few weeks after his fall, he found it difficult looking after himself and had to rely on his family to help around the house,” said Nick. “When he returned to work three months later, he was unable to do the same kind of heavy physical work he was used to and as time went on he noticed the pain around his injured shoulder and knee kept flaring up and getting worse.

“When my client was examined by an orthopaedic surgeon he was found to have trapped tendons in his left shoulder,” added Nick. “His shoulder was extremely stiff and painful and would often click when he moved it. It was especially painful whenever he tried lifting his left arm above shoulder height.”

More than two years after the incident, the father-of-two continues to suffer with pain and stiffness in and around his left shoulder and still cannot lift his injured arm above shoulder height without it causing him pain.

“Before the incident, my client led a very active life and was a keen footballer,” said Nick. “He now has significant problems with his right knee and as a result is unable to do any sport. The injury to his shoulder is permanent and he will never be able to return to the kind of work he was trained for, was used to and enjoyed. In addition, he still has significant problems with his right knee and has just undergone an operation to alleviate his pain. His symptoms are likely to deteriorate in the future and we hope that the settlement he has now received will help as he looks to move on with his life.”

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