Damages for elderly woman struck by reversing car

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Damages for elderly woman struck by reversing car

10th March 2014

A great-grandmother who needed a hip replacement and was left unable to bend down after she was struck by a reversing car has received £32,000 in an out of court settlement.

The elderly Swindon woman, who is in her 70s, had her life turned upside down following the incident which occurred in April last year.

“My client was on her way home from visiting a friend and was walking past her neighbour’s driveway, when he reversed his car and knocked her to the ground,” said Nicholas Hagi-Savva, a specialist personal injury lawyer at Fentons Solicitors LLP.

“After being struck she could barely move, let alone pick herself up off the ground, and was taken to hospital by ambulance with extensive bruising to her left arm and leg,” he added. “After scans revealed she had suffered a broken left hip, she underwent a total hip replacement and spent a week in hospital before she was discharged on crutches.”

Over the next few weeks the claimant was completely unable to move, and because her bedroom was on the first floor of her house she was forced to sleep downstairs - entirely reliant on the care of her husband and daughter for all her daily needs.

“After leaving hospital, my client was extremely weak and unsteady on her feet and could not be left alone in case there was an emergency,” said Nicholas. “This was something she found particularly distressing as it meant that she couldn’t even be left alone with her great-granddaughter. It took another several weeks before she was able to climb her stairs again and, even then, only with the aid of a handrail and her husband.

“Following the incident, my client really struggled with her confidence and found she was unwilling even to leave her house,” he added. “After being used to regular shopping trips with her daughter she found her lack of mobility especially upsetting. She now rarely goes for walks anywhere outdoors and she has become much more reliant on her husband to drive her to collect her medication and to visit her friends.”

Nicholas said that before her accident, his client used to regularly visit an elderly friend of hers and they used to go shopping and for walks together. “Sadly, although she continues to see her friend, albeit less often than she did before, she now has to be driven by her husband,” he said. “In addition, she can no longer look after her garden or do so many of the day-to-day things she used to take for granted and she now finds it particularly difficult bending her hips or lifting anything heavy.

“Although my client has undergone extensive physiotherapy, she is now unable to reach down below waist-level,” added Nicholas. “Sadly, this is something her doctors have said is unlikely to improve and having been accustomed to doing all the domestic chores herself she can no longer even tie her own shoelaces or bend down to play with her great-grand-daughter.”

After liability was admitted, Nicholas settled the claim on behalf of his client for £32,000 in June 2013.

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