Damages for elderly catering assistant after work accident ends career

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Damages for elderly catering assistant after work accident ends career

20th June 2012

An elderly woman who had to give up her job after suffering a hip injury in an accident at work has received £140,000 in an out of court settlement.

Arthur Keitch, a workplace accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client, who is in her mid-70s, was working as a catering assistant at a West London hotel when the incident occurred nearly three years ago.

“My client fell heavily onto a hard wooden floor when the chair she was using suddenly collapsed beneath her,” said Arthur, an associate with the firm. “After hearing what she described as a ‘loud bang,’ she immediately felt severe crippling pain in her left hip which left her unable to stand.”

The woman was taken by ambulance to hospital having suffered a broken hip. After she underwent a total hip replacement, she spent two weeks recovering in hospital before she was then transferred to a specialist rehabilitation unit for another fortnight.

When my client returned home, she was only able to walk with the aid of a rolling frame,” said Arthur. “This was a significant problem as she lives on a very steep hill. In addition, there are uneven steps without a handrail leading up the entrance of her building and her first-floor flat is only accessible via a steep and narrow staircase.

It was another four months before the elderly claimant was able to discard the frame she was given and walk with the aid of a walking stick. During this time she received regular visits from a physiotherapist and required help from her sisters with household tasks such as doing her laundry, shopping for groceries and cleaning her home.

“My client is devastated as she has not been able to return to work since her fall and her lifestyle has changed significantly as a result,” said Arthur. “Her employment meant everything to her as it provided her with a supportive social network of friends and co-workers who she now deeply regrets she can no longer see or spend as much time with.

“Before her accident and despite her age, my client was both fit and healthy and led a very active and independent life,” added Arthur. “Not only did she live on her own but she also used public transport several times a week and worked part-time in a role she had known and loved for more than 25 years. She now suffers with considerable weakness and ongoing pain in her hip and left leg and she is unable to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time. In addition, she finds it very difficult and painful climbing stairs and she is extremely anxious about the prospect of sustaining another fall in the future.”

After liability was admitted Arthur settled the claim on behalf of his client in May 2012

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