Damages awarded after slip at work

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Damages awarded after slip at work

7th February 2011

A grandmother who worked as a Banqueting Manager for a golf club has been awarded £115,000 in an out of court settlement after slipping at work and injuring her back.

Katie Pendower, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the claimant had slipped on a floor left soaking wet after being mopped without the use of a proper mop bucket.

"Before the incident, my client had specifically asked for a second mop bucket to ensure the cleaner was able to dry the floor properly," said Katie, a partner with the firm. "As one was not available, the cleaner was unable to mop up the excess water. Furthermore, he failed to put up a 'Wet Floor' warning sign when he had finished.

"My client who is in her fifties landed heavily on her back. She then had to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance whilst lying unable to move on a waterlogged floor with her clothes soaked through."

Taken to hospital the claimant was x-rayed, given painkillers and sent home. After two days spent resting she returned to work where it immediately became apparent that her back pain was too severe for her to be able to continue with her job.

After visiting her GP it was discovered that a crushed vertebrae injury the claimant sustained over fifteen years ago had been exacerbated by the accident. Despite receiving pain-killing injections to her lower back as well as physiotherapy, acupuncture and manipulation, she has not been able to return to work and continues to suffer severe pain in her lower back and coccyx area making both walking and standing for any length of time extremely difficult.

"Prior to the accident my client led a very active life particularly enjoying her gardening and spending time with her grandchildren," said Katie. "Today she cannot even have a bath unaided and her mobility has become limited to the point where she has become increasingly dependant upon her husband. She deeply misses playing with her grandchildren when they come around to visit and she greatly regrets her inability to walk her dogs.

"The settlement she has received together with the Personal Injury Trust we were able to set up to safeguard her benefits, will hopefully now help her achieve a greater degree of independence."

In January 2011, Katie settled the claim on behalf of her client for the gross amount of £115,000.

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