Cyclist receives damages following car collision

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Cyclist receives damages following car collision

8th January 2013

A cyclist who suffered multiple injuries when she was struck by a speeding car has received £150,000 in an out of court settlement. 

Bob Miller, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the Cambridgeshire woman, who is in her 20s and was on her way to work at the time, had just pulled out of a junction when she was hit by the car which was travelling on the wrong side of the road.

“My client and her bicycle were carried for several metres on the bonnet of the vehicle before it was able to stop and she was thrown into the road,” said Bob, an associate with the firm. “Unbelievably, whilst she was lying on the ground in considerable pain, the motorist tried leaving the scene by reversing and driving around her but was fortunately stopped when a number of witnesses came running up to help.

“After paramedics arrived, my client lost consciousness and was airlifted to hospital having suffered a broken right shoulder, forearm and wrist as well as a broken right leg, a collapsed lung and significant internal bleeding,” added Bob. “Over the next ten days she underwent five separate operations to have supportive metalwork inserted into her right arm and leg before she was discharged in a wheelchair.”

Following her return home, the injured woman suffered constant pain and stiffness and was completely unable to use her right arm. After three months of having to rely on her father and partner for help with her mobility and personal care, she was able to use walking sticks to partially bear weight on her right leg, and when the cast on her injured arm was removed, she began a course of physiotherapy.

“Following the incident, my client suffered significant post-traumatic stress symptoms and despite months of extensive counselling, she remained unable to work for almost two years,” said Bob. “However, when she did finally return to a part-time position she was forced to quit after just two months due to persistent pains and problems with her dominant right arm, including an inability to lift her arm above shoulder level and shooting pains whenever she tried doing any kind of heavy lifting.”

After her symptoms continued, the claimant underwent keyhole shoulder surgery, which successfully restored her full range of movement and function and removed all pain and stiffness from around the joint.

“Over the last five years my client has had to contend with a seemingly unending ordeal of repeated medical appointments which have included surgery, physiotherapy and counselling, all of which has severely affected her career and mental health,” added Bob. “Although she has been left with extensive scarring from her injuries and subsequent operations, my client is obviously delighted that she can finally use her arm normally and she is now very much looking forward to moving on with her life.”

After liability was admitted and the defendant was convicted of driving without due care and attention, Bob settled the claim on behalf of his client for £150,000 in December 2012.

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