Crossing collision woman who suffered brain injury receives £370,000

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Crossing collision woman who suffered brain injury receives £370,000

17th February 2012

A pedestrian who suffered a significant brain injury when she was struck by a car while crossing a road near her home has received £370,000 in an out of court settlement.

Joanna Bailey, a serious injury expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client, who is in her 50s, was almost across a clearly marked pedestrian crossing on her way to catch her usual train into work when the incident occurred, more than three years ago.

“My client suffered a serious head injury which knocked her unconscious resulting in damage to her brain with consequent impairment,” said Joanna, a partner with the firm. “As a consequence, she suffered significant post-traumatic amnesia and can recall very little about the following few weeks.”

The woman, who also broke her pelvis and left ankle, was airlifted to a nearby hospital and found to have suffered haemorrhaging around her brain. After being transferred to a specialist unit, she underwent surgery to stabilise her pelvis and have metalwork inserted into her injured ankle. After more than six weeks in hospital receiving treatment, she was eventually discharged on crutches and remains an outpatient.

“Although the extent of my client’s brain damage was not immediately apparent,” said Joanna, “she lost her sense of taste and smell and experienced dizziness and headaches for a number of months following her return home. In addition, she found that both her short-term memory, moods and concentration were affected and it was only when she was examined by a specialist some eight months later that it was confirmed she had clearly suffered a serious brain injury.

“My client’s injuries have sadly had a huge impact on her life both emotionally and financially,” said Joanna. “She is now unable to work with figures and computers and as a result has not been able to return to her job in accounting. Her life has been dramatically altered; she has found it incredibly hard to accept what has happened to her and she continues to struggle to find a way forward.

“As a grandmother, she can no longer be as involved in her grandchildren’s lives as much as before and this has obviously been tremendously sad for her,” added Joanna. “Her previously active working and social life has been completely transformed and in terms of her physical and mental aptitude, she is now a very different person to the one she was. It is very much hoped that the settlement she has now received will help as she continues to adapt to the changes she has been forced to make.”

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