Compensation win for woman knocked unconscious after holiday slip

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Compensation win for woman knocked unconscious after holiday slip

21st November 2011

A holidaymaker who was hospitalised after being knocked unconscious when she slipped on a wet hotel foyer floor has won £10,500 in compensation.

The West Glamorgan woman in her forties - who was on a Thomson package holiday in the Dominican Republic with her family and friends - was left delirious and barely conscious following the incident.

Katherine Allen, head of the Travel and International Litigation team at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: “My client was leaving the hotel restaurant to take her seven-year-old daughter to the toilet. As she walked from the dining room into the hotel foyer she slipped, fell backwards and struck her head on a marble floor that had been left covered in rainwater after a recent storm.

“After losing consciousness for a few seconds, my client came round and realised the back of her T-shirt was soaking wet,” said Katherine, a partner with the firm. “When she tried to get up she became dizzy and fell, again losing consciousness but this time for a number of minutes.”

When the woman came round a second time she had blurred vision, she was delirious and she struggled to find her balance. Her neck was placed in a supporting collar and she was taken by ambulance to hospital where she received a CT scan and was kept under observation for two days.

“There had been a very heavy rainstorm prior to my client’s accident,” said Katherine. “The resulting rainwater had fallen around the hotel entrance and onto the marble floor of the foyer. There was nothing in the way of a canopy over the hotel entrance nor were there any mats in place for guests to dry their shoes.  Immediately after my client slipped, hotel staff were witnessed frantically mopping the floor, laying out non-slip mats and placing hazard cones and ‘wet-floor’ signs all around the reception area.”

The woman spent the remaining four days of her holiday in considerable pain. After her return to the UK, she was prescribed painkillers and sent on several courses of physiotherapy. “Since returning home, my client has experienced ongoing neck pain, stiffness and decreased movement around her neck, shoulders and ribcage. Tour operators have a responsibility to ensure their customer’s safety. Hotel staff should have been aware that the floor in the foyer was wet and as a result both slippery and dangerous. No attempt was made to mop the excess rainwater and warn guests that the floor was hazardous until after my client slipped.

In March 2011, Katherine successfully negotiated a settlement of £10,500 on behalf of her client.

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