Compensation victory for cyclist severely injured in collision

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Compensation victory for cyclist severely injured in collision

25th June 2015

A South London cyclist who was left bed bound for five months after she collided with a car door has received £150,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Matthew Claxson, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP who for many years has represented injured cyclists, said his client had to take six months off work while she recovered from the incident.

“This was a particularly nasty incident which knocked my client off her bike,” he said. “She literally had no time to avoid the collision as the door was opened just as she was passing a stationary car.

“My client was taken by ambulance to St Thomas’ Hospital and diagnosed with a fractured left knee as well as significant ligament damage,” said Matthew. “She underwent surgery to have supporting metalwork inserted into her damaged knee joint and was discharged the following day.”

The woman in her 50s was unable to return to her job for six months and was entirely reliant on her partner and father for her care.

“My client had to wear a knee brace and was essentially bed bound for five months,” said Matthew. “She had to rely on her partner as she couldn’t bear any weight on her injured knee and so couldn’t go to the toilet or bathroom unaided. As she wasn’t able to cook or even make herself a drink, her father provided care during the day while her partner looked after her in the morning before leaving for work and again in the evening when he returned.”

When the claimant returned to work after six months, she continued to find it difficult to stand for any length of time. A further six months later, she underwent a second operation on her knee to try and repair the damage to the joint as well as to have the supporting metalwork removed.

“My client still suffers with significant pain in her injured knee,” said Matthew. “Her leg has been left deformed and numb around the scars left over from surgery, she cannot kneel, she has problems using stairs and she cannot walk for any longer than 15 minutes without having to take regular breaks,” he said.

“After having previously led a very fit and active life, my client can no longer enjoy activities she loved such as swimming, walking, gardening and especially cycling,” added Matthew. “Not only was cycling her main form of transport to and from work but she and her partner often went on cycling holidays together and she is devastated that this is something she can no longer do. My client will need a total knee replacement in the future and it is hoped the settlement she has now received will help as she moves on with her life.”

Matthew said this was just the latest London cycling case Fentons was handling at the moment. “Numerous cycling incidents occur each month in the capital and over 15 cyclists have so far lost their lives this year,” he said. “Over the last 10 years, cycling in London has increased by 83% and it is crucial cyclists and other road users become more attuned to looking out for each other so that the numbers of preventable incidents such as this can be reduced.”

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