Compensation for young woman injured in street race

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Compensation for young woman injured in street race

7th January 2010

A young woman who accepted a lift from a friend and found herself involved in a terrifying street race, has received £50,000 compensation after she was seriously injured in the accident that followed.

The 23-year-old had been enjoying a night out when she decided she would head to see her boyfriend, and innocently accepted the offer of a lift from a man she knew.

Bob Miller, of Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented the young woman. "My client was leaving the nightclub and was going to ring for a taxi when a friend of her boyfriend offered to take her instead," he said. "Although the journey began innocently enough, it soon degenerated into a terrifying ordeal."

Bob said his client became aware of a black Renault Clio giving chase and flashing its lights. "The drivers must have known each other because the two cars pulled alongside each other, before peeling off at speed," he said. "The cars began racing, and as they rounded a corner the vehicle my client was in hit the kerb and began rolling."

Following the accident, the young woman was taken to hospital and received treatment for a serious injury to her leg, which left her requiring regular physiotherapy and prevented her from working.

"As the driver was uninsured, we took our claim for compensation to the Motor Insurers' Bureau, and successfully negotiated a settlement of £52,500," said Bob Miller. "Now our client can move forward with her life and put this ordeal behind her."

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