Compensation for cyclist following coccyx injury

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Compensation for cyclist following coccyx injury

19th March 2013

A cyclist who was struck by a car and thrown from his bike has received £27,000 in an out of court settlement.

Amy Hillgrove, a road traffic accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the South London man suffered a broken ankle and injured his coccyx so seriously that he will need to undergo an operation to have part of his coccyx removed.

“My client was cycling to work when a car collided with his bike as he tried to exit a mini-roundabout,” said Amy. “The force of the impact threw him from his bike and caused him to land heavily on his left shoulder and arm. Although he also struck his head on the tarmac he was fortunately wearing a helmet.”

When the cyclist, who is in his 40s, was taken to hospital by ambulance, scans revealed he had suffered a hairline fracture to his left ankle as well as extensive bruising to his coccyx, left shoulder and arm.

After he was discharged from hospital on crutches, the man, who is self-employed, was cared for at home by his wife and over the next several weeks had to miss numerous days of work as he was in so much pain and unable to travel on public transport.

“Although my client was able to return to cycling within a few months of his accident, he has since been diagnosed with ‘coccydynia,’” said Amy. “This is a rare and poorly understood condition used to describe persistent pain at the very bottom of the spine which is usually caused by some form of trauma such as a fall.

“Now, several months after his accident, my client continues to suffer a number of painful symptoms around his lower back and coccyx,” added Amy. “Every time he sits down he aggravates his injury which means he often struggles with day-to-day activities and has to take painkillers throughout the week.”

The claimant has undergone a number of spinal treatments under anaesthetic as well as extensive physiotherapy. Unfortunately however, the treatments have only provided him with temporary relief and his pain returns each time the effects wear off.

“My client can no longer withstand any direct pressure on his coccyx,” said Amy. “His lower back remains extremely tender and his coccyx pain is often so severe that he finds it excruciating sitting for long periods of time or standing from a seated position. He is now unable to have any further treatments on his spine and is currently waiting to undergo an operation to have part of his coccyx removed.”

After liability was admitted, Amy settled the claim on behalf of her client in February 2013.

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