Compensation for bus crush teen

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Compensation for bus crush teen

20th June 2008

A Brentford teenager who suffered extensive injuries when she was run over by a bus has won compensation totalling five figures from the bus company two years after the incident.

Dolly Hughes, 15, was knocked over by the bus outside Brentford library, near her house, on May 6, 2006, after the driver closed the doors and started to drive off.

Only 13 at the time, Dolly, who is a pupil at the Green School, Isleworth, was left with a double pelvic fracture, a fracture to her ankle and extensive scarring to her legs after being driven over by the back tyres of the bus.

The bus driver claimed that he closed the door on Dolly because she and her friends were causing trouble - an accusation Dolly's mother, Justine Hughes, 36, has spent the last two years trying to fight.

She said: "For me it was never about the money.

"I always knew that my daughter wasn't in the wrong. The fact that the bus company has paid out proves this as far as I am concerned.

"I am very passionate about people knowing that if they feel strongly about something, no matter how big the obstacle, you should follow what you believe."

With the help of Manchester-based solicitors Fentons, Dolly received an agreement from Armchair Passenger Transport Company, on June 19, at Brentford County Court, to pay a five-figure sum as compensation for her extensive injuries and to cover the cost of plastic surgery for the scars on her legs.

Although the CCTV from the bus was investigated the unclear footage meant no criminal prosecution against the bus driver or the bus company was taken.

Armchair Passenger Transport Company was not able to comment due to legal reasons.

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