Compensation awarded to mother and child of murder victim

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Compensation awarded to mother and child of murder victim

17th January 2011

The mother and child of a 19-year-old woman murdered in front of her toddler have received more than £200,000 in damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Martyn Hughes, who represented both the young victim's mother and child, said the claimants had been left devastated by the horrific murder.

"This young woman was brutally killed in front of her infant child," said Martyn, an Associate with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "As a result of this tragedy, the victim's own mother took on the responsibility of raising her grandchild, giving up her own job in order to be able to care for them full time."

Martyn explained that the claim for compensation was presented to the CICA, which was established in 1964 to ensure victims and families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes have access to compensation.

"We made an application on behalf of the victim's mother and child, based on the fact that the victim had planned to start working in order to provide for her child as soon as they reached nursery age," said Martyn.

The CICA has limits - or a tariff - on the amount of damages which can be awarded in given circumstances, and the clients had previously been advised that their claim would likely result in compensation totalling a maximum of around £35,000.

"Clearly that amount seems low for the loss of a daughter and a mother, so we began to gather evidence of the young victim's plans for the future," said Martyn. "By demonstrating her commitment to providing for her child and her plans for the future, we were able to significantly increase the damages her mother and child received."

Martyn said the settlement also took into account the earnings sacrificed by the victim's mother in order to care for her grandchild.

"Her loss of earnings was presented as a 'care claim', allowing us to meet criteria which enabled the CICA to increase its award," added Martyn. "No amount of money can ever compensate for losing a loved one in such a horrific way, but hopefully the settlement will ensure that the clients are able to look to the future without fearing for their financial security."

Martyn negotiated a settlement on behalf of his clients in the total amount of £208,761.

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