Compensation awarded after electric shock throws man across room

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Compensation awarded after electric shock throws man across room

31st March 2011

A holidaymaker in his sixties, who injured his shoulder when he was thrown across his hotel room after receiving an electric shock, has received £4,000 in compensation.

Nicola Simpson, a holiday claims specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said her client and his friend were on a Thomas Cook package holiday at the Acuario Sol Apartments in Lanzarote, Spain.

"My client was reaching for a pan from a cupboard located under the sink in his hotel room," said Nicola, a solicitor with the firm. "What he didn't know however, was that water had leaked from around the sink area into some exposed wiring at the back of the cupboard.

"When he touched the pan he sustained a severe electric shock which threw him backwards across the room," said Nicola. "His right arm was thrown back and slammed into the wall behind him. He immediately felt pain in his right shoulder and his arm started shaking.

"After verifying that there was exposed wiring at the back of the cupboard under his sink, my client went next door and checked his friend's apartment to discover that he too had exposed wiring in exactly the same location," said Nicola.

When the holidaymaker reported the incident to management, they responded by merely sending a maintenance man to cover the exposed wiring with duct tape.

"My client noticed that in the communal areas of the apartment building there were exposed wires everywhere," said Nicola. "Owing to the number of children staying at the resort, he was particularly concerned that a child could be injured or even killed from receiving an electric shock of similar severity.

"Tour operators are responsible for their customer's safety," said Nicola. "In this case the accommodation on offer was not only unsafe but it provided an obvious risk of injury to anyone staying there. My client received treatment for his injury upon his return to the UK but noticed a significant loss of grip as well as weakness and pain in his right arm which continued for a number of weeks."

Nicola Simpson negotiated an out of court settlement on behalf of her client for £4,000.

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