Compensation award for slipping victim

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Compensation award for slipping victim

16th November 2010

A 27 year-old woman whose dreams of becoming a nurse were shattered when she slipped at work and injured her back has received £85,000 in damages.

Lisa Fountain, an employer's liability specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: "My client's injury has had a huge impact on her life, not only has it ended her prospects of pursuing a career in nursing, it has also left her in constant pain."

Despite repeated complaints, a faulty hospital shower was left unfixed. When leaking water then seeped from under a bathroom door into a corridor used by nursing staff, the woman - who was carrying a stack of towels at the time - slipped on the wet floor and landed heavily on her back.

"As this case sadly illustrates, slips or trips can prove devastating to a victim's health and ambitions," said Lisa. "Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work with the majority resulting in broken bones."

The woman who was studying for a pre-registration diploma in nursing at the time - a three year course which would have led to a general nursing qualification - woke the following morning in so much pain she was unable to wash or dress herself unaided.

Prescribed painkillers and physiotherapy, her injury was at its most painful in the first four to six weeks following the incident. During which period, she was prevented from attending crucial course elements and as a result was unable to complete her studies.

"As a result of my client's inability to attend much of her course, she was forced to abandon her dreams of pursuing a career she had always hoped for," said Lisa. "Had my client's injury not occurred she would currently be practising as a qualified nurse and with over three years of experience behind her, she would now be ready to specialise in a more supervisory nursing role."

"My client has suffered with persistent lower back pain following the incident," said Lisa, "and despite daily medication, this debilitating pain continues to be a constant theme each day of her life. While my client will be unable to fulfil her ambitions to work as a nurse, hopefully this award will allow her to explore alternative options."

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