Closure for man who lost wife and daughter in fatal accident

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Closure for man who lost wife and daughter in fatal accident

30th September 2011

A Cumbrian man who lost his wife and daughter when an intoxicated driver crashed into their car has succeeded in his pursuit of justice.

Robert Graham, 62, was left devastated after the incident on 12 April 2008. Robert's wife Trish and daughter Kathryn were killed - together with Trish's sister and niece - when a young driver under the influence of both drink and drugs collided head-on with his daughter's car.

Polly Fletcher, the lawyer representing Mr Graham, said the young man crashed into 22-year-old Kathryn's Ford Fiesta as she drove along the A595 between Bothel and Papcastle. He was also killed in the collision.

"We provided representation on behalf of Mr Graham at the inquest in November 2008, where the Coroner returned a verdict of unlawful killing," said Polly. "We also proceeded with a compensation claim under the Fatal Accidents Act as Mr Graham was dependant on his wife, who was only 52 years old at the time of her death."

Mr and Mrs Graham had been married for nearly 30 years, and had both taken early retirement. "They were looking forward to a long and happy retirement together, but this tragic incident has robbed Mr Graham of this future happiness," said Polly.

"Mr Graham and his wife were rarely seen apart and enjoyed many hobbies and pursuits together. Both Mr Graham and his son have been left devastated by the loss of a wife and mother, and a daughter and a sister."

"The loss of Trish and Kathryn has shattered the family, and their loss increased further with the deaths of Trish's sister and niece. The whole family were extremely close, all living near to each other and spending time together," said Polly.

The intoxicated driver's insurance company settled the claim out of court for a total of £78,000.

"No amount of compensation can ease the huge sense of loss Mr Graham and his family have suffered. This case demonstrates the awful consequences of the thoughtless actions of those who get behind the wheel of a car under the influence of drugs and drink."

Following the accident and the inquest, investigating officers from Cumbria Police were commended for their investigation of the case. With Mr Graham's permission, the accident has been used to publicise an anti-drink drive campaign in the area.

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