Child suffers extensive injuries when run over by bus

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Child suffers extensive injuries when run over by bus

25th June 2008

A girl aged 14 at the time of the incident, sustained horrific injuries when she was run over by a bus outside Brentford Library on the 6th May 2006.

As the young girl attempted to board the bus, the bus driver closed the front doors and drove off and the girl was caught on the side of the bus as it turned the corner from Windmill Road onto Boston Manor Road and the back tyre of the bus went over her body.

The young girl sustained extensive injuries including a double pelvic fracture, a fracture to her ankle and extensive scarring, which will require plastic surgery.

After a 2 year battle for compensation against the bus company representatives, they have finally agreed to meet the young girl's claim which will compensate her for her serious injuries sustained and pay for the plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the scarring to her leg.

"The young girl's mother Justine Hughes said : "Nowadays, all too often children are blamed for incidents. In my daughter's case, the bus company's Solicitors were trying to say that my daughter and her friends were acting like hooligans. I know my daughter Dolly and her friends are good kids, and the fact the bus company have paid out proves this as far as I am concerned".

Michael Durban, Solicitor for the young girl of Fentons Solicitors LLP, said: "Dolly's legal fight for compensation has been won and she can now get this horrible event behind her. I am only disappointed that it took so long for the bus company to come up with realistic proposals to conclude the case".

Michael Durban, an Associate at Fentons Solicitors acted for the claimant.

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