Ceiling fan fell on sleeping holidaymaker as she lay in bed

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Ceiling fan fell on sleeping holidaymaker as she lay in bed

23rd November 2009

A woman injured when a ceiling fan fell on her as she slept in her hotel bedroom, has won her claim for damages.

The incident occurred while the 30-year-old was holidaying with her partner in the Dominican Republic. Nicola Simpson, a holiday accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the case was a clear example of travel operator liability.

"My client was sleeping in the double bed in the hotel room, when the ceiling fan simply fell from it's mounting and landed on her," said Nicola. "Although the fan was operational at the time, the injuries she sustained were primarily due to the force of the impact.

"These ceiling fans are metal and very heavy. She was lucky it did not land on her head."

The holidaymaker suffered severe ligament damage to her right foot, and was unable to return to work upon her return to the UK.

"In pursuing her claim we asked for the loss of earnings to be considered as well as the physical injury she had sustained," said Nicola.

The woman's claim was settled for £6,000.

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